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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How to Bypass Malaysia Government Internet Censorship/Block

As you know, Malaysia Gov is practising Internet Censorship on some File Sharing website and also P2P websites. Below are the 10 major sites that will be blocked:


So how to bypass them? You can view this Youtube video or I will teach u ppl some simple solution:

Solution 1
 Use Google Public DNS. Tutorial you can check out my previous post at HERE.
This solution is not perfect since there is still some sites unable to be accessed but u can try.

Solution 2
Use an Ultimate Proxy server to bypass the IP address filter. I will recommend Ultrasurf as it is free of charge and also powerful.

1) Go to and download the application to your computer.

2) Double Click the .zip file and extract the application inside to anywhere u like. 

3) From here on... it depends on what browser u are using. Each browser has different steps to activate it.

For Internet Explorer:
- Just Open the application and u r good to go!! It is pre-configured!!

For FireFox:
- Open the application.
- Extract it and drag it into your Firefox browser to install.
- Click install when asked.

- Restart Firefox Browser.
- Click Firefox menu button.
- Select Options.
- Click Add-on Bar or press keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + /).
- Click on the icon or word ("WJ") to enable the Proxy. (default it is greyed-out)
- Enjoy your Internet freedom!!

For Google Chrome (abit more advanced) :
- Open the application as usual.
- Install this chrome extension (Proxy Switchy).
- Default the icon is greyed-out. Click once on it and select Options.
- In the Option page: 
      - Click on New Profile button. Follow the screen shot and enter the required properties.
      - Profile Name: Any name u like. In my case, I will name it as "Ultrasurf".
      - Select Manual Configuration.
      - HTTP Proxy:
      - Port: 9666
- Save it.
- Now click on the icon again. Select Ultrasurf or the profile u had named.
- Enjoy your internet freedom!!



    1. doesn't work on both mozilla firefox and google chrome... the page just doesn't load at all... blank white page with nothin on it..

    2. OMG!!!
      THX U SO MUCH!!

      ya malaysia damn stupid ISP dog follow whatever the stupid goverment say!!!
      THX again for helping!

    3. Thx! hope u enjoy ur internet!! =)

    4. @kurogetsu may i know which solution u used?? if u r using the google dns, sometimes it works, sometimes not. Using proxy will always works. else u din folo the steps nicely. So far no 1 complains it fails.

    5. that is a very helpful list, I appreciate that Malaysians know about such services, however I came across more useful way to bypass these censorship and not kill your internet speeds like proxies do, that is VPN, here is one interesting list of VPN i found !!

    6. The proxy i introduce provide 98% speed of your original line. Its almost like no speed lost. But a VPN is also another great way!! =)

    7. Thank you very much for sharing but I doubt the speed is really 98%

    8. @Anon u can always try download and observe on the speed. for me there is not much speed loss compare to other proxy. This is 1 of the proxy i found which is free and fast!! =) enjoy.

    9. It's true it's the fastest among others, but I am only getting around 50-60kb/s from megaupload (changing DNS barely hits higher than 20kb/s) using a 1Mbps streamyx in Johor.
      Ultrasurf is on and used for firefox 3.5.19
      Thanks for the prompt response

    10. Ur welcome, well it depends on some criteria.
      1) StreamyX line depends on location, the speed differs. some place able to get 1.5mbps speed.

      2) as i know, if ur using free download from Megaupload, they are capping their speed max around 60+ if im not mistaken.

      Correct me if im wrong. =) Thx.

    11. bro.. i m using the firefos 3.6... if using the ultrasurf... this appread (The proxy server is refusing connections)... so what shud i do??

    12. @Anon Its weird!! i did not came across on such problem when im on FF3.6 previously(im using FF4 now).

      Well, u can try to check some possibilities below:
      1) R u using at home or office? check if firewall had block the proxy port. Usually office / campus block all these ports.

      2) Try upgrade to Firefox 4 and try again.

      GOOD LUCK!!

    13. could i have ur email or something.... so dat u cud told me step by step guide... i m kinda slow in this.... :)

    14. @Anon well, 1st i need to know how to contact u so i could PM u my email? =) i dun wanna make it public here! thx

    15. here is easy way to bypass the blocked site and work for me in sec guys..

    16. This comment has been removed by the author.

    17. @Anon That video makes no diff with what i teach here.. it just change the DNS to Google DNS and

      With a .exe file... who noes there is virus code inside? Cheers!! ;)

    18. this is good stuff. ftw they wanna ban there's no malaysia movie innit. so they dont have to be worry at all.

    19. Hi,
      I'm using Chrome, and I faced the same problem as Kurogetsu after following all the instructions--the page just can't load. If I switch Proxy Switchy to "direct connection," then everything goes back to normal. Your profile's not working, man.

    20. @ezehelm i guess u do not know how it works actually? did u read this:

      Solution 2
      Use an Ultimate Proxy server to bypass the IP address filter. I will recommend Ultrasurf as it is free of charge and also powerful.

      the proxy switchy depends or gets ur proxy connection from Ultrasurf!!! So u need ultrasurf running in the background in order to get all these working...

    21. hey i found another way to bypass dns malaysia ,megashare, filestube too on the internet

    22. Any proxy or DNS server can bypass with no problem.. juz the proxy server or DNS server speed wise difference.. =) the i offer is the fastest we could get!!

    23. I can bypass megaupload.. But why can't i download the file T.T
      Any solution?

    24. I can bypass megaupload, but can't download.. T.T
      Any solution?

    25. @Choc it is quite impossible for this to happen.. if megaupload page is able to load up.. it should have no problem downloading it..(im pretty confident in this) mind explaining more of the incident? or else the file is bad...

    26. what i mean is that i can't use any other software e.g. flashget to download the file..

    27. @choc as far as i am concern.. if u r not a premium user.. megaupload Free is not supported by download manager or sort of stuff..

    28. Dude, THANKZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!
      lot's of month looking something like this
      Status : Downloading..

    29. ET Chai,do u have solution about xunlei downloader?normally my download speed was 1xxkb/per just 1x-2xkb/per,my package is rm88 1mb.i was trying to use VPN,but i have no idea will this VPN will work for xunlei downloader speed increase/back normal speed?

    30. Hi anon,

      i seldom use xunlei aka thunder but i did know it runs pretty fast when downloading stuff from china domain. well.. i heard TM start to throttling direct download also... so i do not have solution for this problem.. so sry!! =)

    31. thank you so much. Finally, I'm able to get materials for my research.
      I use google chrome and it's work like a magic =)

    32. i have done according to what you have list but failed =(

    33. works but why i cant open warez-bb?

    34. thnk you very much man! that was very helpfullll

    35. hey ET_Chai, thanks for the post..i was jus wondering if using the ultrasurf will it affect the performance of my comp or viruses

      1. @Anon as far as i use, i did not feel any risk to be honest. Affect ur performance of ur computer no, but if u say internet connection, the answer is yes because it is using a proxy, u will never get full speed on a proxy but ultrasurf is one of the fastest i had tried. Virus no way.. i wont harm myself and my readers. ;)

    36. thanks much!!!it works like a charm!

    37. So does 504 Gateway Time-Out means that any particular website is censored? I can't access because of this.

      Also, I can't download Ultrasurf for the same reason. Are there anymore reliable VPN websites?

    38. @Anon im not sure if 504 Gateway time-out related to their webserver fault but however im able to access from my side without problem. So far Ultrasurf still the best i had tried that are free.

    39. For me nothing works better than proper VPN. I have been using HideMyAss for a long time already and except the fact that I can browse blocked sites, it gives me anonymous and secured connection! Best VPN out there!

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